About Us

Nowadays vastu shastra and all scientific Sciences have become popular and famous not Only in India but also worldwide. Here we have come up with our founder and the main administrator sri. Dr. parasharun raj PhD. He is a famous and responsible person regarding the science of astrology, vastu, and geo. He when being a young figure was inspired by his father who was also a great astrologer k Krishna raju. He started his learning in early 20s he started to analyse that all these sciences exist and show great responses so being a responsible citizen he decided to start serving people. He was so successful in his duties and achievements he is a awardee of the auspicious award doctorate for writing a book based on astrology(based on second bava), and also gained great awards such as

  • bharat bhushan,
  • Sister Nivedita award,
  • Vastu Shilpi award,
  • Vastu Praveena award,
  • vastu bhushan award,
  • Vastu Tagna,
  • Jyotishya Visharada award,
  • veda bhushan award .