Architectural Planning

Having proper interior planning done according to vastu is very important in order for us to be successful and happy with our family.
We ensure our plan given to you consists of the main points as such as given below :-

  • We ensure to balance all the 5 elements according to vastu and place kitchen, bathrooms,living room and Puja room accordingly.
  • We make sure to make Ayadi calculations based on Vargas:- Dhana varga (Finance), Nakshatra Varga (Tarabalas), Aayu varga (Health), According to road  ( North-danaya,South-gajaya)  is done according to land and the people living there.
  • We ensure to put proper enterence effect so that all the money and profits along with health is perfectly flowing inside the house.
  • Suitable color / tiles to perticular places at home is done ( color therapy).
  • Toilet/Washroom positions.
  • Children’s room position is also done so that they don’t betray parents and leave the house.
  • Health positions done according to the plan.
  • Head of the family’s room also planned according to vastu.

Vaastu is an ancient science of creating harmonious environment and comes from a body of knowledge known as the Vedas. This East Indian science is seven to ten thousand years old and forms the basis of the popular Feng Shui, predating it by at least four thousand years.

Vaastu shashtra shows us how to create harmony and balance in our living and working environment and instructs us through ancient ways how to honor our surroundings to benefit from nature’s support. Through the tenets of Vaastu, you can experience the oneness in nature. Vaastu offers different ways of understanding who and what we are in the purest form and how we are interconnected with the universe. As we begin to sense this continuity, we then find it possible to see our world with larger eyes.

When the five elements are disturbed on a global level, we experience earth changes. Modern living disturbs the delicate balance of the five elements on this planet. Natural disasters are nature’s way of restoring that balance. Earthquakes occur when there is an imbalance in the earth element. Hurricanes and floods happen when there are disturbances in the water element. Volcanic eruptions, drought, and forest fires occur when there is severe fluctuation in the fire element. We have tornados and windstorms when there is disruption in the air element. Harmful infrared radiation causes skin cancer when the ozone layer is destroyed and the space element is impacted.

When the earth element is out of balance in our body we can feel heavy, sluggish and tired. Emotionally, we may feel as if there are obstacles to the support we desire from others.
We feel dehydrated or tired when the water element is out of balance. We may also feel out of touch with our spirituality.
When the fire element is out of balance, we may have a fever, feel agitated or even angry.
We feel allergic, restless or indecisive when the air element is out of balance. We may also experience depression or our relationships may suffer.
When the space element is out of balance we can feel tight or constricted in our mind or body and lack a feeling of creativity in our life.


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